Effective Parent-Teacher Conference Preparation Tips

Teachers always work hard when preparing for parent teacher conference meetings in school. They should always express the academics growth and records of all the children. They are also mandated in urging parents to support their strategies of teaching as well as address the various areas that the child needs to put a lot of effort in during parent-teacher conferences.

Here are several tips you should know while preparing for parent teacher conference:

  • Recommend a flexible parent teacher conference schedule template

Some parents in most schools have more than one student, which means that they need teachers to be flexible to understand them. When preparing for parent teacher conferences, ensure that the schedule is flexible. Teachers in these cases may need to meet with parents during morning hours or later in the afternoon. So the schedule should be flexible for everyone.

  • Ensure there is a translator during the parent teacher conference

Many parents do not speak English, and thus they require a translator for effective communication. Teachers who are preparing for parent-teacher conferences should organize for a translator to communicate effectively with parents.

  • Put it down

Most parents prepare well before they come for a parent teacher conference. They always write down several questions to ask at a parent teacher conference. So as a teacher, you have to write all the detail down to share with every parent whenever a question arises. Detailed notes ensure teachers can share all pertinent issues and keep them scheduled.

  • Do adequate preparation

An elementary school classroom may include 15 to 30 students compared to a high school where teachers must prepare a different parent teacher conference form for hundreds of students. It means that these parent teacher conferences require some hours for preparation. Also, teachers ensure that they have accurate, current records for all students. So during the preparation, they should test all the results and work samples to make work easier.

  • Focus on the positive side of the student

During the parent teacher conference, teachers should focus on the positive side of the students. Each child in this world has good traits. Effective teachers should always share a good trait with the parent at the beginning and the end of the conference. These traits can include good character traits such as being a hard worker.

  • Remain professional as a teacher

Being a teacher is sometimes difficult because you may be tempted to act rudely and become unprofessional, especially during parent-teacher conferences. Therefore, when you prepare for parent-teacher conferences, you should remember that you should avoid discussing topics with parents during the actual day that might make you unprofessional. Do not talk negatively about other teachers or school administrators. Also, do not argue with parents or blame them for poor child performance. It makes you look unprofessional.

  • Encourage parents to ask questions

Most parents prepare themselves with questions to ask at parent teacher conference. Therefore, as a teacher, you should allow the parent to ask questions about their child’s performance.


With the above tips, teachers are now capable of successfully preparing for parent teacher conference. They have in mind how to provide a parent-teacher conference schedule template and communicate well to parents about the child’s progress by hiring a translator for those parents who do not speak English. You will have a good time as you plan for the conference.

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