How to Teach Kids to Stay Focused on Homework

The ability to focus can be likened to a muscle; both need regular exercise to stay strong. It’s very common for kids to lose concentration while doing their homework. However, the involvement of parents and guardians can be a great motivator. 

Tips for teaching kids how to stay focused

Every kid has the potential to learn strategies that can help him or her stay focused. If you’ve been troubled about your kid’s ability to concentrate while doing homework, here are some helpful tips you can use to ameliorate the situation. 

Play Focus Games to Build Attention

Since kids learn more by playing games, focus games can be a great way to develop their mental strength. However, you should refrain from giving your child gadgets and computers when you want to implement this strategy; instead, go for games likes jigsaw puzzle, crosswords, and card games. This would ultimately help your kid to focus while doing homework due to the increased attention span acquired from playing such mental games. 

Do One Thing at a Time

Multitasking reduces focus and performance, it’s therefore important to keep unnecessary distractions away. You should train your kid to handle one thing at a time instead of working on multiple tasks; this will instill the value of focusing on the task at hand. 

Working Together

This is yet another good strategy that’ll contribute to improving your kid’s attention span while doing homework. You should also be prepared to be patient as most of the time, your kid would wander off or get distracted. When this happens, learn to redirect their attention to the schoolwork. 

Use a Timer 

Setting a time limit to finish a particular task is another good approach. When using this method, set shorter time limits such as 20 to 30 minutes for every task since kids lose concentration pretty easily. Once an assignment is completed, you can let him or her break for some time before returning for the next segment. 

Set a Reward System

One thing about rewards is that they’re a great motivator; using it can be a brilliant way to help your kid focus and accomplish his/her homework. The reward doesn’t necessarily have to be something huge; a simple candy or more playtime will do the trick. 

Prepare a Distraction-Free Environment

Kids respond well in an environment that’s calm and soothing. The working environment should also be free from toys or things that create distractions. Moreover, ensure you’ve placed everything your child will need close-by to avoid moving around.


Teaching your kid to stay focused while doing homework is probably one of the most difficult tasks; nevertheless, the good news is that it’s very attainable. You also have to understand that the attention span of your kid will increase as he or she grows older, so you don’t have to beat yourself up. When you face a difficult day with your child, just remember that the following day provides another chance to try again. Following the tips at RankMyService blog will not only help you improve your child’s concentration, but also strengthen the relationship between you and them.

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